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Posted April 04, 2016 69 images (Medium) Creative
Kirbon  - FotoFest
An unofficial Russian get-together of Photographers and models.
Dunes Beach 2008  Posted April 20, 2009 19 images (HUGE) Creative
Kirbon  - Dunes Beach 2008
Tons of friendly fun!
 Strogino 2007  Posted April 01, 2008 15 images (HUGE) Nudism
Walker  - Strogino 2007
A clothes-free zone inside of Moscow? Great!
The Silver Woods 2007  Posted May 10, 2008 15 images (LARGE) Nudism
Peppermint  - The Silver Woods 2007
They could be on their lunch breaks!
Pakhra River 2003  Posted May 09, 2004 10 images (Medium) Nudism
Walker  - Pakhra River 2003
This lovely locale is located near Moscow...
 Strogino 2008  Posted April 27, 2009 20 images (HUGE) Nudism
Walker  - Strogino 2008
Walker's wife seems to do almost everything in the nude!
2001 - On the Boat in St. Petersburg!  Posted May 23, 2009 20 images (HUGE) Creative
Kirbon  - 2001 - On the Boat in St. Petersburg!
Be sure to check out Kirbon's videos on our Shopping Page!
New Year's Eve 2011 - Moscow Style!  Posted January 19, 2011 90 images (HUGE) Nudism
Walker  - New Year's Eve 2011 - Moscow Style!
Now THIS is how to celebrate New Year's Eve!
Baptism Day 2011  Posted February 16, 2011 20 images (HUGE) Carnival
Walker  - Baptism Day 2011
The Ladies are at it again!
Dunes Beach  Posted October 02, 2012 14 images (Hi-Res) Creative
Kirbon  - Dunes Beach
Kirbon & Friends are at it again!
Dunes Beach  Posted January 25, 2013 19 images (HUGE) Creative
Kirbon  - Dunes Beach
Body freedom on a boat!
Dunes Beach  Posted December 20, 2013 50 images (Hi-Res) Nudism
Kirbon  - Dunes Beach
WOW! A great series from beginning to end!
Dunes Beach  Posted January 18, 2014 75 images (Hi-Res) Nudism
Kirbon  - Dunes Beach
The preparation is just as entertaining as the bodypainting.
Friends Of Dunes Beach  Posted January 20, 2014 15 images (Hi-Res) Creative
Kirbon  - Friends Of Dunes Beach
Kirbon leads an interesting soclal life.
Dunes Beach  Posted March 16, 2014 25 images (Hi-Res) Nudism
Kirbon  - Dunes Beach
An amazing set with hopefully another coming in this summer.
More Results:   1
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nudist group on the beach relaxing
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