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Wetzelland Biker Party - Van Wert - Ohio

Wetzelland Motorcycle Rally

An annual biker party held on the last full weekend of July, 15 miles outside the town of Van Wert, Ohio. The event is put on by the Wetzel Motorcycle Club, and was started in 1987. The party includes a swap meet, live music, bike games, bike shows, and a whole lot of flashing!
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Wetzelland 2007  Posted August 2007 18 images (HUGE) Carnival
Hooter Historians  - Wetzelland 2007
Who says that North America is a prudish society???
Wetzelland 2007  Posted August 2007 35 images (HUGE) Carnival
Banana Hammock  - Wetzelland 2007
This was one wild party!
Wetzelland 2008  Posted August 2008 25 images (HUGE) Carnival
Sporty91  - Wetzelland 2008
Not a very shy crowd, apparently...
Wetzelland 2007  Posted December 2007 25 images (LARGE) Carnival
Three Ball  - Wetzelland 2007
Live bands and a weekend-long party. Sounds like fun!
Wetzelland 2007  Posted August 2007 50 images (Medium) Carnival
Banana Hammock  - Wetzelland 2007
Another biker-bash that takes place in Ohio a few times a year.
Wetzelland 2011  Posted August 2011 17 images (HUGE) Carnival
The Hive  - Wetzelland 2011
Live bands and great weather brings out the best in the ladies!
Wetzelland 2009  Posted December 2012 10 images (Hi-Res) Carnival
Hooter Historians  - Wetzelland 2009
Another amazing biker party weekend!
Wetzelland 2015  Posted August 2015 90 images (Hi-Res) Carnival
Biker Butch  - Wetzelland 2015
Biker Butch is really getting around this summer!
Wetzelland 2016  Posted August 2016 10 images (HUGE) Carnival
Starr  - Wetzelland 2016
Not many pics but at least we got a few!