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Party Cove - Anderson Cove - Lake of the Ozarks - Missouri

Women on boats flashing their breasts for beads?

That's right, and half the time right in the water, too. Although the party continues each and every weekend when the weather permits, the Memorial Day weekend have long been the official welcoming of summer and the beautiful young ladies who come to Party Cove are eager to trade-in their winter clothes for a skimpy bikini or even just for some beads. The Labor Day weekend officially closes-out the year.
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So what exactly is "Party Cove"?

“Party Cove” is actually a name given to "Anderson Cove", which is one of several coves located in the Lake of the Ozarks. Partying used to be seen all throughout the area, but due to concerned private owners it's been narrowed into Anderson Cove. At a mile long by 600 feet wide, thousands upon thousands of summer partiers manage to squeeze in just fine.
Most common is the gauntlet of boats that create a narrow space for the newer attendees to pass through while being shot at with water guns and receiving offers of free beads in exchange for some nudity. Bikini-clad women seldom refuse, but be aware that while toplessness is either legal or tolerated, full-blown nudity is not and should be approached with caution as the authorities have been known to crack-down on offenders.

While there's no shortage of the young and beautiful co-ed types who attend, the event itself is hardly exclusive. People of all ages can be found and in some cases it's the older fellas with the best boats and beads who lead the charge!

As with any event that revolves around a summer-fun and partying atmosphere, expect things to heat up (no pun intended) as the day progresses with whipped-cream contests, best-breast challenges and just about anything else you can imagine! While there is no apparent 'goal' in mind, plan to spend the day basking in the sunshine and bring enough sunscreen to keep you going.

If you are planning on going, get there early to avoid the massive crowds and traffic that build throughout the morning and be sure to bring some change for the tolls that lead into the area. Food, lots of bottled water and batteries for your camera are also necessities so be sure to create a checklist and make sure that you've got it all covered before you get out there!


Brief flashing is tolerated, although the authorities have been more active recently in and have tried enforcing that the ladies at least wear pasties.


Everyone seems to have one and we doubt that any participants would be unaware of being recorded at this point.



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