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Laughlin River Run - Laughlin - Nevada

Bikers, Casinos, and the Ms. River Run Contest!

Going strong since 1983, the Laughlin River Run is one of the largest ongoing Biker events in the area and typically enjoys great weather, entertainment, riding and even greater people! With big names and bands scheduled each year, along with the 70,000+ attendees, bike enthusiasts are treated to a party like none other and that's without the events featuring public nudity.
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Riding Along The Colorado River!

Named after the ride along the Colorado River that begins in Laughlin and ends down in Oatman, Arizona, participants are treated to a host of activities and the opportunity to also check out the famous "Route 66", "Hoover Dam", "Colorado River", and "the Grand Canyon". That's a lot of action to squeeze into 4 days! Additional attractions at the Laughlin biker rally include custom bike builders, poker-runs, and the never-boring "Ms. River Run" contest.

If you're a bike lover - and you have one of your own - you should probably plan to attend this event at least once. Hotels are plentiful in Laughlin and supplies are always well within reach.

All of the above notwithstanding, it is in your best interest to become familiar with the local laws and especially those that pertain to motorcycle etiquette. According to event organisers, most complaints heard from participants in the past could have been avoided and it pays to read about new laws being passed in the area before you attend. The official Laughlin website (linked below) tries to keep such information as up to date as possible.





Laughlin River Run  2003  
Posted June 2018 25 images (HUGE) Carnival
Fingers  - Laughlin River Run 2003
Despite the local casinos, the real action is on the streets.
Laughlin River Run  2001  Posted June 2001 20 images (Medium) Carnival
Fingers  - Laughlin River Run 2001
Fingers seems to be everywhere, all the time!
Laughlin River Run  2003  Posted May 2003 20 images (Medium) Carnival
Fingers  - Laughlin River Run 2003
Bikers meet, then drink, then flash, then drink...
Laughlin River Run  2000  Posted February 2012 13 images (HUGE) Carnival
Fingers  - Laughlin River Run 2000
A long-distance party!
Laughlin River Run  2002  Posted July 2014 18 images (HUGE) Carnival
Fingers  - Laughlin River Run 2002
One of the better years fro this event.
Laughlin River Run  2002  Posted September 2015 25 images (HUGE) Carnival
Fingers  - Laughlin River Run 2002
This event defines the term "Road Trip".