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Jobbie Nooner - Gull Island - Lake St Clair - Michigan

The Mardi Gras of the Midwest!

Attracting up to ten thousand people a year, "Jobbie Nooner" is a giant boat party held twice a year in late June and early September. Called the "Mardi Gras of the Midwest", it includes a lot of beads, boats, flashing and nudity. The event humbly began in the 1980s when nearby auto workers would leave work early to party on Gull Island in Lake St.Clair. Nice work if you can get it!
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Boats, Boobs & Beads!

The boats begin to roll in during the morning hours with the hope of getting a prime spot to view the partying that will be taking place shortly thereafter. The Lake is definitely patrolled by the police, so all boating laws and etiquette are in effect. If you do go, please become familiar with these laws, otherwise you may be in for a long and terribly expensive day.

With that out of the way, let's get down to what you might be needing in order to have a great time:

  • Quality Beads. And lots of them. The ladies aren't there for their good health and the beads are the currency of the day.

  • Batteries for your camera(s). There's nowhere to go once you're on the water, so be sure to stock up on whatever equipment you might be needing later in the day.

  • Your own female friends who are willing to participate. This is optional, of course, but someone has to do it as there would otherwise only be a bunch of boats with single guys on them.

  • Sunscreen, extra clothing, food and bottled water. These are absolute necessities, so be sure to stock-up on land before heading out for the day.


As you can see from the images, there is all kinds of nudity in various states of undress (and affections) that take place throughout the day. the men tend to encourager it and the ladies obviously tend to oblige.


No one seems to mind the presence of recording devices and there would be no real way to enforce any sort of privacy, anyway.



Jobbie Nooner 2009  
Posted August 2009 50 images (HUGE) Carnival
YaMan  - Jobbie Nooner 2009
Great weather and even greater people!
Jobbie Nooner 2007  Posted June 2007 15 images (HUGE) Carnival
Texas Latin  - Jobbie Nooner 2007
Lake St. Clair was as active as ever this year!
Jobbie Nooner 2006 - II  Posted September 2006 20 images (LARGE) Carnival
Texas Latin  - Jobbie Nooner 2006 - II
Texas Latin went to the second event later on in the summer!
Jobbie Nooner 2006  Posted July 2006 20 images (LARGE) Carnival
Texas Latin  - Jobbie Nooner 2006
Our first full gallery from this event.
Jobbie Nooner 2007  Posted December 2007 13 images (LARGE) Carnival
Texas Latin  - Jobbie Nooner 2007
This is becoming quite an event!
Jobbie Nooner 2008  Posted July 2008 45 images (HUGE) Carnival
Texas Latin  - Jobbie Nooner 2008
Even with the bad weather - the show went on!
Jobbie Nooner 2008  Posted August 2008 30 images (LARGE) Carnival
YaMan  - Jobbie Nooner 2008
Looks like YaMan found their "secret-spot"!
Jobbie Nooner 2008  Posted October 2008 25 images (HUGE) Carnival
YaMan  - Jobbie Nooner 2008
Shyness obviously wasn't a concern here...
Jobbie Nooner 2008  Posted October 2008 18 images (HUGE) Carnival
YaMan  - Jobbie Nooner 2008
Looks like the party got started early!
Jobbie Nooner 2009  Posted May 2011 10 images (LARGE) Carnival  - Jobbie Nooner 2009
There are more than seagulls on Gull Island this time of year.
Jobbie Nooner 2009  Posted June 2011 10 images (LARGE) Carnival
Texas Latin  - Jobbie Nooner 2009
It's like Mardi Gras and Lake Havasu, but in Michigan.
Jobbie Nooner 2010  Posted June 2011 15 images (LARGE) Carnival
Texas Latin  - Jobbie Nooner 2010
Taken at Jobbie Nooner II last September.
Jobbie Nooner 2011  Posted July 2011 14 images (Hi-Res) Carnival
Texas Latin  - Jobbie Nooner 2011
The weather will be better for the September event.
Jobbie Nooner 2006  Posted August 2011 8 images (HUGE) Carnival  - Jobbie Nooner 2006
The largest gathering of boats in Michigan.
Jobbie Nooner 2009  Posted December 2012 15 images (HUGE) Carnival
texaslatin  - Jobbie Nooner 2009
Florida-style boat partying in the north!