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Hawgs of Texas Biker Rally

The best little (big) biker rally in Texas!

Going strong since 2005, the organizers of the "Hawgs of Texas" biker rally have been adding to the event every year to make it one of the best - if not the absolute best - biker events in the state.
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Find out when and where people shed their clothes to celebrate the freedom of the body and spirit.
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The last full weekend in April!

From Wednesday through Sunday, the Hawgs of Texas Biker Rally runs during the last full weekend of April every year. This of course makes planning easier for those of us who might be calendar-challenged!

Located on the AG Complex Center Colorado County Fairgrounds just outside of Columbus, the event offers self-contained camping areas with electricity and can accommodate several campers, although larger groups (15 or more) should probably call ahead to make arrangements.

You can expect to enjoy bike and people games, a bike show, various other contests, beer gardens, vendors, special guests and much, much more.

Tickets are $45.00 at the gate and primitive tent camping is free with all ticket purchases. You can also call 281-859-5949 and buy tickets in advance now via credit card over the phone to avoid long waiting times at the front gate. The organizers also accept most major credit cards.

There are beer gardens located throughout the rally and there are many food vendors of all kinds inside the rally that are open all hours to serve you. Liquor is not sold within the rally, however, so it would be available on a "BYOB" basis.

However, downtown Columbus is approximately 2 miles from the rally site if further supplies are needed with many major shopping stores. There is ice available as well as frozen mixer vendors inside the rally.

The gates open at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday April 24, 2013.


Like most of the biker events, the folks have a fun time and this includes flashing to outright nudity at different times. You can also expect the frequency of both to increase as well.


Being respectful goes a long way and most of the people being photographed would appreciate being asked until they recognize you.



Hawgs of Texas 2008  
Posted May 2008 60 images (LARGE) Carnival
Spongebob  - Hawgs of Texas 2008
There's some serious talent here...
Hawgs of Texas 2008  Posted May 2008 30 images (HUGE) Carnival
Spongebob  - Hawgs of Texas 2008
The "shooter block" event where being topless got bonus points.
Hawgs of Texas 2008  Posted July 2008 50 images (LARGE) Carnival
FetishPhotog  - Hawgs of Texas 2008
Looks like a wild and crazy time!
Hawgs of Texas 2010  Posted April 2010 45 images (Hi-Res) Carnival
Spongebob  - Hawgs of Texas 2010
These were shot on the Thursday.
Hawgs of Texas 2010  Posted August 2010 35 images (Hi-Res) Carnival
Spongebob  - Hawgs of Texas 2010
These were taken on the Saturday!