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Galveston Mardi Gras - Galveston - Texas

Mardi Gras in Texas? You Bet!

The Galveston version of this storied event began in 1911 and has grown into an eleven day party with tons of parades, masked balls, concerts and balcony parties. With the great weather and great Texan hospitality, everyone in attendance is sure to be greeted warmly and to experience a street party like few others. Want to attend? Book a room NOW because they sell out pretty fast down there.
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Find out when and where people shed their clothes to celebrate the freedom of the body and spirit.
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Practice your bead throwing!

"Fat Tuesday" en Francais is the last day of the Carnival leading up to the season of Lent. This is also the standard for all of the Mardi Gras festivals.

The Celebration that comes with Mardi Gras is something that needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated. Galveston opens its city to thousands of tourists who make the journey to check out the floats, the parade, the parties and to get their hands on some of those notorious beads!

While Mardi Gras isn't based on parading around half naked for shiny beaded necklaces, one would be hard pressed to find a Mardi Gras event that didn't include this in abundance. Girls congregate to show off their assets while the people all around them snap photos and throw down beads for their generosity.

As you would expect, the cost of living goes up during the festival with hotels and restaurants tending to be more expensive. Availability is also an issue and those who do not book a hotel early might not be able to find anything nearby. Check out as an alternative and you might find something for a great price.

There is public parking available with a bunch of lots being made available, however with the amount of people milling about you're probably better off leaving the car at the hotel or to shuttle in with public transit if staying outside of the core areas.

It's a crazy party that has something for everyone.


Flashing is common and, more importantly, acceptable. The Mardi Gras tradition of "Boobs for Beads" is in effect here, so bring plenty of QUALITY beads, or hang around the guys who do and you should see plenty.


Everyone has a camera these days and anyone flashing should expect to be photographed. The scrums happen so quickly that there would be little time to actually ask anyone for permission, but you should probably try to ask if you're face-to-face with someone.



Galveston Mardi Gras 2004  Posted August 2004 25 images (small) Carnival
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The Galveston bead-fest seems to get bigger each year!
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Galveston Guy goes to Galveston!
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Always a great party, Mardi Gras Texas-style!
Galveston Mardi Gras 2016  Posted March 2016 24 images (HUGE) Carnival
RGee  - Galveston Mardi Gras 2016
Cold weather = No flashing. Warmer weather = Lots of flashing!