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Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival - Manchester - Tennessee

Four Days of Music... And More!

The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is an annual four-day long event, held every June in Manchester, Tennessee. The 700 acre farm welcomes 80,000 fun-loving people each year, most of whom camp or stay in RVs on the site. The majority of bands are rock, however the festival also welcomes jazz, Americana, hip-hop, and electronica music as well.
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Find out when and where people shed their clothes to celebrate the freedom of the body and spirit.
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Bodypainting and Live Music!

There's a vendor (or two) present at the event to do bodypainting and breast painting (hopefully both), or you can wander around among the 80,000-strong group of people in search of topless women and in various states of undress. It seems like there could be a lot more naked people to photograph if it weren't for the event policy, which states: "The sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited".

Besides bringing your own tent to the festival, you can also rent one from the organizers, bring an RV, or stay at a nearby hotel - some of which have shuttle buses to and from Bonnaroo. Craftsman and artisans are available, selling various types of arts and crafts, food, drinks and many other supplies. IT's usually best to plan ahead and bring sunscreen, batteries, enough clothes, etc. It gets VERY hot in Tennessee in June!

Some of the bands that have appeared include Radiohead and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a whole host of others that are sure to find fans in the crod.


Since there is enough toplessness to be noticed, we'll have to assume that it is at least tolerated within the private grounds of the event. Full nudity is probably to be found at night if at all.

As always, be sure to ask permission before you start clicking-away.


The official policy states that you cannot bring professional photography equipment into the event, although small hand held cameras without additional lenses are fine.



Bonnaroo Music Festival 2003  Posted September 2003 10 images (Medium) Carnival
Bonnaroo  - Bonnaroo Music Festival 2003
This our first-ever submission from this event!
Bonnaroo Music Festival 2004  Posted September 2004 32 images (HUGE) Carnival
Bonnaroo  - Bonnaroo Music Festival 2004
Looks like Mr. Bonnaroo will be our annual photo-guy!