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Alexandria Beach Olympics - Noosa - Queensland - Australia

Sack Racing, Egg & Spoon Races & Beach Sprints!

This version of the Nude Beach Olympics has been held annually since 1986 at Queensland's unofficial and most popular nude beach. From Swanbourne Beach in 1983 to Maslin Beach in 1984, Noosa Heads has been a huge success with 400 to 600 naturists making their way to the beach to enjoy the day's events. More importantly, the event helps to promote the Naturist Organisations recreational lifestyle. Everyone wins!
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Find out when and where people shed their clothes to celebrate the freedom of the body and spirit.
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Getting Nude At Noosa!

The day consists of mostly fun events - as opposed to serious ones - and include "Shot Put", "Sack Races", "Beach Sprints", "Egg & Spoon Races" and even a team "Conga Line". More than enough to give even the fittest of naked participants a challenging day of activites!

Most importantly, of course, would be the "Best Bum Awards", although we think everyone's got a best bum and should be awarded something!

The games are also usually run in groups according to male, female, age, ability, etc. It's a fun day and including everyone as best as possible is always a goal to keep in mind.

We could go on and on about the vent event, but it's probably best if you contact the organisers and get the most current information straight from them. The location is easy enough to get to, provided you're in that part of Australia already, of course, and you're bound to meet some great people there as well.


It's a nude beach, after all, so you'd probably raise some eyebrows if you weren't naked or at least in some state of undress. All body types and ages attend and it's more of a culture than anything else.


This is where it gets tricky. To one another and the group as a whole, documenting the event is welcomed. For individuals who may share the photos and/or videos with 'outsiders', commercial websites, etc., it seems to be highly discouraged to the point where you might not be welcomed back.

It's definitely best to ask first and to see what people's thoughts are about you taking photos.