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Gallery by The Happy Nudist

Bare to Breakers 2006

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, United States
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Posted: May 24, 2006
Santa Clause out of season!
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The Happy Nudist's Report

The threat of rain affected the turnout of nude participants a little bit this year: it rained from 5am till 7am before the race and then didn't start up again about 2 in the afternoon. The overall numbers of nude runners seemed to be down about 20 percent, but the crowd is always very supportive of the nude runners and walkers. Of course their are a few negative remarks from some of the crowd but well over 99 percent of the crowd cheer and clap for the nudies: several people even asked to take their picture with me during the race! I'm the nude Santa in the photos, by the way. Overall it was another great day to walk nude across the city of San Francisco.

Cocco's Event Report

San Francisco, California - A lot of people take part in the Bay to Breakers footrace in San Francisco, some of them run it in costume, some of them run it to win, and the Bare to Breakers run it bare naked!!

Gallery Specs

The Happy Nudist - Bare to Breakers 2006 - 15 images
Posted on: May 24, 2006
Event: Bare to Breakers
Event Type: Nude Run
Event Dates: Shoot Dates: May 21, 2006
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Location Name: Golden Gate Park
Type: City Park
Gallery Category: Topless Beach - Nudism - Carnival - Creative
Gallery Rating: Topfreedom - Partial Nudity - Nudity / Topfreedom - Nudity - Explicit Nudity
Keywords: bodypaint, costume, running/jogging

Cocco's Location Report

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