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Salon Erotico de Barcelona 2013

Fira Cornella, Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
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Posted: October 24, 2013
Includes a great little event report!
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Showman's Report

The SEB returned to its home at the pyramid of Fira Cornella in the maze of an industrial estate west of Barcelona. It seemed to be the biggest show since the old Ficeb event died in 2007, and was again very well organised. There was a lot of audience participation and everyone got involved: the young, the old, transsexuals, transvestites, the disabled and, of course, dwarfs. The almost non stop shows and high energy performances swept the crowds from stage to stage and you never knew what might happen next. There were more people from outside Spain than in previous years, and many I had not seen in years, so hopefully the event will continue to grow. After two days of such sensation, I retired to the beach for a rest.

Cocco's Event Report

Gallery Specs

Showman - Salon Erotico de Barcelona 2013 - 75 images
Posted on: October 24, 2013
Event: Salon Erotico de Barcelona
Event Type: Erotic Fair
Event Dates: Shoot Dates: October 10, 2013 to October 13, 2013
Location: Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
Location Name: Fira Cornella
Type: Indoor Venue
Gallery Category: Topless Beach - Nudism - Carnival - Creative
Gallery Rating: Topfreedom - Partial Nudity - Nudity / Topfreedom - Nudity - Explicit Nudity
Keywords: affection, bodypaint, piercings, tattoo, stage show

Cocco's Location Report

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