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Fantasy Fest 2014

Key West, Florida, United States
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Posted: February 23, 2015
An amazing submission and event report, too!
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CanesOverHere's Report

Weather forecast was probably the worst in Fantasy Fest history. Even worse than the year it got canceled by the Hurricane, with unrelenting rain forecast for virtually every day. But while we certainly didn't get much sun, the rain held off most nights and it ended up being not that bad. Crowds were the typical Fantasy Fest crowd- everyone very friendly and laid back. It wasn't till Saturday (when a lot of folks from Miami come in) that I saw the police actually arrest anyone when a small fight broke out between some Miami folks. This year there is a guy in the Key West City Council making waves about how Fantasy Fest is getting "out of control" in terms of nudity but as somebody who has been going off and on for over a decade now, I honestly can't there has been much change at all in terms of the amount of nudity. If anything, things were probably a bitter crazier back around 1999. On Friday and Saturday it seemed that some of the (mostly non-local) police were being a bit more anal about uncovered, unpainted boobs and bare vagina than past years, but by nightfall nobody was being hassled. Overall, especially given the horrific weather forecast, it ended up being a pretty great time.

Cocco's Event Report

Key West, Florida - Halloween festivities including bodypainting and flashing. Mostly topless flashing and bodypainting.

Gallery Specs

CanesOverHere - Fantasy Fest 2014 - 100 images
Posted on: February 23, 2015
Event: Key West Fantasy Fest
Event Type: Costume Festival
Event Dates: Shoot Dates: October 17, 2014 to October 26, 2014
Location: Key West, Florida, United States
Location Name:
Type: City Street
Gallery Category: Topless Beach - Nudism - Carnival - Creative
Gallery Rating: Topfreedom - Partial Nudity - Nudity / Topfreedom - Nudity - Explicit Nudity
Keywords: beads, bodypaint, camera, costume, masks, pasties, tattoo, food/eat/drink, swimming, undressing, water/spray/pour

Cocco's Location Report

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