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Gallery by Arko Dog

Gulfport Blowout 2000

Gulfport Dragway, Gulfport, Mississippi, United States
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Posted: September 22, 2000
Professor Dog presents us with another insightful overview...
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Arko Dog's Report

At last year's Blowout, I was camping next to a fire engine-- of all things. As if this wasn't strange enough, the firefighters who had brought this truck had also fit a fiberglass hot tub atop the damned thing, making for a nice watery refuge from the ferociously hot Mississippi sun... The intrepid firefighters-- whoever they were-- were considerate enough to allow pretty much whoever the hell wanted to hop into the tub to go ahead and quench that desire-- and as you can see some rather interesting fauna showed up... Being an avid photographer of wildlife, I clambered atop the firetruck myself, to snap some shots of what appears to be a large pink duck or something similar, paddling around in the fiberglass pond... the duck appeared to be having a pretty good time, don't you think? I strolled off to get a beer, and when I returned, the duck had been replaced by what appeared to be a trio of large pink otters. Like all otters, these ones were playful-- as you can see... ah, the joys of wildlife photography! Here's something that bugs me though: when I had these pics developed I used them to try and get a job with "Field and Stream" magazine, but the execs just laughed at me and told me to try "Hustler" instead... now what the hell did they mean by that?

Cocco's Event Report

Gulfport, Mississippi, USA - Mostly breast flashing. Occasionally something much more wicked.

Gallery Specs

Arko Dog - Gulfport Blowout 2000 - 30 images
Posted on: September 22, 2000
Event: All Harley Memorial Day Blowout - Gulfport
Event Type: Biker Rally/Party
Event Dates: Shoot Dates: May 26, 2000 to May 29, 2000
Location: Gulfport, Mississippi, United States
Location Name: Gulfport Dragway
Type: Racetrack
Gallery Category: Topless Beach - Nudism - Carnival - Creative
Gallery Rating: Topfreedom - Partial Nudity - Nudity / Topfreedom - Nudity - Explicit Nudity
Keywords: undressing, pool

Cocco's Location Report

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